My Energy Journal

Day 1, March 2, 2011

Today when I woke up I toasted some waffles in the toaster, the toaster used Electrical Energy to work. Later my mom drove me to school, her car used chemical energy (the fuel/gasoline), to thermal energy (the gasoline burned), to Mechanical Energy (the car was moving). At school during PACE we used the laptops, the laptops used Electrical Energy to work. All day as I worked hard in my classes my brain was using Electrical Energy. When I got home I ate a granola bar. While I was eating the bar it had Kinetic Chemical Energy, but before when it was sitting on the shelf it had Potential Chemical Energy.
Day 2, March 3, 2011

Today I ate lunch using chemical energy. That night I went to swim practice and as I was swimming I was Mechanical Energy.