Start Energy

Energy 2

Energy 3

Chemical energy to

- coal

external image Coal_mine_tnb.png

Thermal Energy to

-coal burning

external image 2151616139_0869e308f3.jpg

Mechanical Energy

-the turbine spins

external image a-spin-on-efficiency-with-better-turbines_1.jpg

Chemical Energy to

-plants growing

external image 2008_picture_of_rows_of_new_plants_growing_under_the_shining_sun.jpg

Chemical Energy to

-a person eating

external image A_Boy_Eating_a_Sandwich_Royalty_Free_Clipart_Picture_090929-022069-704053.jpg

Mechanical Energy

-a person biking

external image stock-vector-cartoon-man-on-the-bike-25879831.jpg

Light Energy to

-light from the sun

external image cartoon-sun-wearing-dark-glasses-thumb46092381.jpg

Chemical Energy to

-grass growing

external image Border_20with_20grass_20cartoon_1_.jpg

Chemical Energy

-cows eating grass

external image stock-vector-cows-eating-grass-on-the-meadow-64890874.jpg

Mechanical Energy to

-a turbine spining

external image istockphoto_7142161-airplane-turbine-spinning.jpg

Electrical Energy to

 - operates generater

external image Voltrx.jpg

Mechianical Energy

 -the fan blades spin

external image Green_cartoon_fan.jpg